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This Online Community Provides Support For Older Women Confronted With Ageism

Older women in the workplace face many obstacles, one of them being ageism. The work environment can often feel hostile. And discrimination is pervasive. In a survey conducted by AARP this year, nearly two out of three women aged 50-plus say they experience discrimination regularly. With this such a common experience, there’s now a social networking platform for these women. E Woman creates a space where these female professionals can connect with others experiencing the same ageist behaviour. By connecting with other older women going through the same experience in the workplace, members can provide support to one another. (Did you know experiencing ageism can impact your health?)

Founded by Amy Karaman, E Woman is meant to create a community culture, encouraging collaboration and cooperation among women. Karaman believes that companies as a whole need to shift how they view age – age is an asset, not a liability.

Who’s on E Woman? For one, Olivia Haley, the 2008 winner of Miss Senior America. She’s shared her personal story on the social platform and she’s as driven as ever – Haley got her real estate license at the age of 60 and has a thriving career as a real estate agent.

Besides being a form of an online support group for older professional women, E Woman also has forums for other events and life stages. For example, there are separate groups for single and working moms, for women seeking a healthier work-life balance, and one for women coping with loss.

For more about E Woman, you can check out the online platform’s site

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