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What Women’s Health Advocate Maria Shriver Thinks About Aging

Maria Shriver and her daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger have co-authored the New York Times bestseller, The Gift of Forgiveness, and work as advocates when it comes to women’s health. Their latest project is a partnership with Renew Life. The mother-daughter duo are working with the probiotic supplement company to help raise awareness about how crucial it is that women understand their health needs, especially when it comes to gut health.

“When it comes to the gut specifically, we know now that the gut is often called the second brain,” said Shriver to Prevention. “Just like it’s critical to lead a brain-healthy lifestyle to keep our minds sharp as we age, it’s super important to lead a gut-healthy lifestyle as well.”

Shriver shared that she had never heard of gut health or probiotics when she was growing up. And women’s health overall was often a topic of discussion. It’s only recently that it’s been talked about. “Funding and research into women’s health issues are still decades behind,” she said.

Another issue? Shriver said that many women she has spoken to have said that medical experts often don’t have a cure or answer when it comes to their health concerns. Women continue to struggle to find answers when it comes to their health (in particular, hormonal health). And while Shriver would have liked to have understood her health as a woman growing up, she recognizes that it’s not too late to start learning and speaking up for yourself.

What Shriver wants every woman to do when it comes to managing one’s health, plus her thoughts about aging (both when it comes to herself and how society views women growing older), read the full Prevention article here.

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