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Companion Walking Is Essential When It Comes to Long-Term Health

In an article for, a geriatric kinesiologist states that companion walking is key to aging well as it keeps older adults moving.

Here’s the thing: there’s a common belief that you should go hard or go home. If you’re not sweating up a storm, and putting your every ounce of energy into a heart-pumping workout, then it’s not worth it. But the truth is that this type of thinking doesn’t hold true for older adults. The article author, Mercedes Fernandez, says that as we get older, our body structure naturally becomes more fragile; this is why you may notice more aches and pains as you age. She compares the aging human body to a car with a lot of miles on it. Like that car, your body needs more attention paid to it in the form of tune-ups. And also like that car, as you get older, things start to add up in the form of injuries, disease and ailments.

In her experience as a geriatric kinesiologist, older adults are better suited for gentle pursuits in place of anything heavy or hardcore. And one of the best, no-cost solutions for getting them moving? Walking.

Walking is universal, most people can do it, and you can easily take a break if you need a breather. Also, walking with other people creates a safety net and helps you develop a social network, thereby helping alleviate loneliness, depression and isolation. And also, research shows that green spaces help you age well.

For tips on how you can help get your parents or a loved one in your life up and walking regularly, read the full article here.

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