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Which Generation Is The Most Active? You Might Be Surprised

When you picture generations who are active, you might picture Gen Z with their longboards, or Millennials playing pickleball, and Gen X running, but the generation that is the most active? Baby Boomers. That’s right; adults aged 57 to 70 years old are the most active on a weekly basis, completing on average 215 minutes a week.

When you give it some thought, it does make sense. This age group tends to have more free time, with some having already retired. Boomers are 114 minutes more active compared to Gen Z (that is, those aged 16 to 24) on a weekly basis, reports

This data comes from ASICS’s State of Mind Index, which was conducted across 17 countries. They followed up the study with another, which looked into the reasons behind this generational gap in physical activity. One interesting finding? Thirty-eight percent of boomers consider regular exercise essential when it comes to staying connected with peers. Now, would you call fitness your main pastime? The study revealed that many boomers named fitness as their top hobby.

Plus, the study revealed a pervasive misconception about physical activity: when it comes to fitness what is the minimum length of time you need to complete some exercise in order to reap the benefits? You may be surprised at the answer. You can find out the answer and discover other key findings between generations and fitness in the article here.

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