Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Hottest Hair Colour? Grey

Is “Grey hair, don’t care” the latest mantra? Based on the number of people choosing to flaunt their greys, it would seem so.

There are Facebook groups devoted to it (look up “women who dare not to dye”), with ones such as Silver Sisters boasting 17,000 members, Curly Silvers rings in at 26,000 and Silver Revolution at 20,000, as reported in this article from the Globe & Mail.

The piece shares the story of actor Nicole Fairbairn, who at 50 is feeling at this point of the pandemic ready to embrace her silver locks. Sure, the lockdowns hindered her ability to get her hair coloured, but it’s more than that; upon reflecting on life’s priorities, covering up her grey didn’t seem so important anymore.

Even in Hollywood, celebrities are letting their greys shine. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Kelly Ripa and Tracey Ellis Ross, grey is it seems everywhere. But how to go grey gracefully? And why hair goes grey to start with? Learn more in the Globe & Mail article here along with more personal insights from Fairbairn herself on her journey to embracing her greys.

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