Monday, June 17, 2024

Boomers Giving Advice to Gen Z

The generation gap can seem huge, with no common ground, especially if you’re looking at Gen Z and baby boomers. How many times can we hear the refrain “OK, boomer” paired with a little eye roll, after all?

So how refreshing and enlightening is it that when you actually have boomers and Gen Z interact, you find that there are some similarities between the two generations, that the stereotypes aren’t entirely true, and that there’s much we can learn from one another? Let’s put aside for a moment the notion that the younger generation will forever blame older adults for hoarding wealth, and boomers apparent opinion that the younger generation are navel-gazing and lazy and just connect.

The Guardian did just that and asked four baby boomers to answer questions from people in their teens and 20s; questions such as why are boomers so in love with using Facebook, how to use a paper map (spoiler: boomers use Google Maps on their smartphones, too), and what mistakes would boomers say their generation made that Gen Z can learn from.

We love the advice and insights shared in this piece from The Guardian, in part for how it can help bridge that generation gap just a little. You can read the article here.

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