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These Six Exercises Will Help Slow Down Aging

It becomes challenging to build a solid level of fitness, but building and maintaining muscle mass, and developing healthy cardiovascular health and flexibility. It is more difficult as you age as our bodies start to decline and lose muscle mass, endurance, mobility and power. However, there are exercises you can do to counteract these effects on your body. Fitness expert Tim Liu shared with Eat This Not That his top exercise picks for those aged 60 and older to help slow down the aging process.

Above all, you should focus on living an active lifestyle, he says. Hours spent sitting in front of the TV or chatting on the phone aren’t helping your overall health. Incorporate regular workouts, too, both strength training and cardio. Liu recommends strength training two to three times a week, and on days you’re not doing strength training, incorporate full-body and cardio workouts. He adds that this gives you an opportunity to get outside or to the gym and see other like-minded people; fitness and staying active can provide a great opportunity to socialize, which will alleviate loneliness and help with your mental health.

As for what exercises you can incorporate into your workouts to help slow aging, he suggests six exercises to try out and notes that it’s never too late to start improving your health:

  1. Dumbbell hip thrusts.
  2. Dumbbell rows.
  3. Split squats.
  4. Machine chest presses.
  5. Turkish get-up.
  6. Bike sprints.

Not sure what these moves are and want to learn the proper form? Check out Liu’s full breakdown of each exercise and his expert tips here.

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