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Making AgeTech Work for Older Adults

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In an era where technology rapidly reshapes how we live, work, and care for each other, a striking gap exists in its application and understanding in the area of elder care. This is where AgeTech Labs was born – out of a necessity to bridge this gap, making technology not just accessible, but also meaningful for older adults.

The Inspiration Behind AgeTech Labs

My journey to founding AgeTech Labs was fuelled by personal experiences and professional observations. Witnessing the challenges faced by elders in using technology, and the technology’s inability to align with their needs, struck a chord. The elder care sector, bustling with potential, seemed mired in misaligned product-user fit, effectively stuck in neutral in the tech revolution.

The inspiration came from seeing the untapped potential of technology in enhancing the quality of life for elders. Whether it was simplistic gadgets that eased daily tasks or sophisticated systems that ensured safety and health monitoring, the possibilities were endless. Yet, there was a disconnect. Products often failed to meet their promises, and caregivers and operators in elder care were navigating blind in a market flooded with options.

The situation is further complicated by the Canadian government’s well-intentioned efforts to boost innovation through grants, recently through $77 million CAD. This funding, provided by initiatives like the Strategic Innovation Fund and the Public Health Agency, leads to an increasingly competitive market filled with innovative products vying for attention and market share.

Addressing the Gap

AgeTech Labs emerged as a response to this predicament. Our core mission is to demystify agetech products, providing clear, unbiased, and thorough evaluations. We saw the necessity for a mediator, a bridge between technology developers and the end users – older adults, their caregivers, and facility operators.

The gap was not in the availability of technology, but more critically, in understanding its applicability and effectiveness in real-world scenarios. Many products in the market boasted of revolutionary features, but how many were actually practical, user-friendly, and truly beneficial for the elderly?

Our Approach

At AgeTech Labs, we adopted a graduated testing program, crafted to assess agetech products at multiple levels – from basic functionality, to user experience, and operational integration and scalability. This comprehensive evaluation process ensures that products not only meet their claimed features but also resonate with the actual needs and preferences of elderly users, and can scale in the marketplace.

Achieving Impact

Our work goes beyond mere product testing. By providing clear, comprehensive insights, we empower operators in the elder care sector to make informed decisions. They can choose technology solutions that are not just technologically advanced but are also practical, reliable, and user-friendly.

For product innovators, AgeTech Labs offers critical feedback necessary for refining and evolving their products. This symbiotic relationship fosters innovation that is not just technologically sound but is also empathetic and practical.

Additionally, we are working toward establishing a certification program which will provide both the elder care sector and innovators sets of standards of product performance and credibility.

AgeTech Labs stands at the intersection of technology and elder care, not just as evaluators but as catalysts for meaningful innovation. Our vision is to see a world where technology in elder care is not an afterthought but a driving force in enhancing the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers. In bridging this gap, we are not just testing products – we are shaping a future where Canada is a leader in technology innovation that is practical, thoughtful and empathetic.

About the Author:

Phil Vlach founded AgeTech Labs in 2023. His other work in elder care includes advising businesses on technology strategy and the selection of the appropriate digital technology solutions. Phil also helps product innovators improve their product-market fit through real-world experience and human-centred design.

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