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Are You Aging Faster Thanks To These Five Lifestyle Factors?

None of us wants to speed up our aging. But there are lifestyle choices and habits you may be doing that are aging you faster. And you might be surprised by some of them, as several of these habits are often considered healthy.

First off, we know that exercising and keeping active is good for our health. But it can be a fine line. Exercising too much could be aging you. If you want to avoid over-exercising, consider the type of workouts you’re doing. Doctors recommend going with a low and slow approach for older adults. That translates to opting for resistance-band workouts rather than more intense types of weight training. As reported here, while exercise can benefit you greatly both physically and mentally, participating in an activity that is too high impact or intense could actually contribute to faster decline.

Next, while you may be focused on getting enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet and drinking plenty of milk, depending on the type of milk you drink, this habit could potentially be speeding up your aging. More specifically, how much saturated fat is in your diet could be expediting your aging. Saturated fat is inflammatory to the body, and whole milk contains a lot of saturated fat, so your milk habit could be causing inflammation in the body. Keep an eye on the level of saturated fat in your diet and look to the Mediterranean diet to inspire what you eat.

For three more ways your lifestyle may be contributing to making you age faster than normal (spoiler alert: when’s the last time you spoke to your doctor about your oral health?), check out this roundup here.

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