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New Twin Cities PBS Program Will Present a Positive Prescription For Aging Well

A new TV program in the U.S. will highlight a positive prescription for aging well. The program, “Art + Medicine: Healthy Aging” will showcase the lives and works of artists in Twin Cities. Premiering this month on Twin Cities PBS, the show will put the spotlight on people who don’t fit the stereotype of an old person, breaking ageist notions.

As reported by Next Avenue, “Art + Medicine: Healthy Aging” will feature interviews, poetry films and readings by a creative class from the Twin Cities who are of a certain age. It’ll also incorporate musical interludes and dance performances. The program is a co-production by the University of Minnesota’s Medical School and the Center for the Art of Medicine.

One of the creators of the program is family practitioner Dr. Jon Hallberg, who is of the same demographic as those featured and also contributes as a medical analyst on Minnesota Public Radio’s “All Things Considered.” He has a personal love of the arts and has ties to the local arts communities and “Art + Medicine: Healthy Aging” allows him to explore health care via an artistic medium with the help of professional actors and musicians.

The focus of the first four episodes range from the Covid-19 shutdowns to Healthy Aging. The structure of each episode is inspired by the 4Ms, which is a framework used by clinicians when it comes to discussing aging with their patients. The 4Ms stand for “What Matters.” “Medication,” “Mentation” and “Mobility.”
For more details about what’s to come in the program, including some details from the performers about the inspiration behind their work in “Art + Medicine: Healthy Aging,” check out the Next Avenue article here

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