Thursday, May 23, 2024

Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Patient Experiences

Navigating the healthcare system can be difficult: appointments for routine checkups can be a chore to schedule with busy personal calendars, for one, and that’s not even touching upon the stress that comes with unexpected emergency visits to the hospital. Consider, too, that one survey found that 68 percent of patients said that their healthcare providers need to improve how they interact with their patients, reports This is compounded by the fact that there are staff shortages on top of the challenges the pandemic has presented.

A key component that will result in better patient outcomes in terms of better health and fewer hospital visits? Improving the patient experience. And that patient experience can be improved with artificial intelligence. By using AI, communication of detailed, personalized information (such as instructions, educational videos and goals) can be automated, reports

One example shared in the article: when patients feel their healthcare team is giving them personalized communication and that they’re in contact with them on a regular basis, their loyalty and downstream revenue increases. Further take into consideration what each patient is looking for based on their diagnosis, age, and details such as whether that patient prioritizes convenient follow-ups based on location, for example, and this can result in an improved response rate (and better patient experience).

For more about how AI can improve patient experience (including alleviating the workload on health professionals), along with what steps in the patient experience can be impacting by incorporating AI software, read the whole article written by Aaron Patzer, CEO and Founder of Vital, here.

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