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Age-Tech Devices Unveiled At CES Will Change How We Age

At this year’s CES, a number of new health technologies that will support aging were revealed. As we age, health risks when it comes to our vision, hearing, mobility and more increase, and tools that will help monitor symptoms or even prevent accidents (along with devices that assist with medical adherence) become essential part of our day-to-day lives.

The outlet points out that as the population ages, adults who are 50-plus are a tech-savvy group who are seeking products that meet their needs. shared a few of the age-tech devices from this year’s CES:

From Casana comes a device that will help people who have to take their blood pressure daily and/or monitor their heart health. Their new blood pressure monitor is cuffless and finger only and also encompasses a toilet; as you sit on the toilet, this device monitors your blood pressure, blood oxygenation level and heart rate in 30 seconds of sitting. Known as the Heart Seat, it’s currently being reviewed by the FDA as a medical device. If given clearance, you would need a prescription in order to have one installed in your home.

In the U.S., hearing aids can now be sold over the counter, which notes removes the prescription barrier for those with mild or moderate hearing loss, and also helps to reduce the overall cost. Eargo (who predicts that many more hearing devices will hit the market in 2023), revealed their latest model, Eargo 7, at CES. This model comes with a new sound-adjust feature for better sound processing in loud environments, and it’ll improve noise performance overall in bustling environments like restaurants.

For more blood pressure, eye care and VR age-tech devices from this year’s CES, check out the full article here.

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