Monday, June 24, 2024

A Social Network for Adults 50 Years and Older

Coming soon to Northeastern Ontario? A social network specifically for adults aged 50 years and older.

The network, Amintro, was created by Charlene Nadalin, initially to help her mother grow her own social circle. Nadalin had noticed that with each year, her mom’s social network was shrinking. Not wanting her mom to grow isolated, she decided to use technology to help her mom and other older adults with aging well and thriving, as she shared with

Amintro differentiates itself from Facebook as it helps members connect with new people in their community. It does this by having new members set their location and preferred radius – the network then only connects that member to people within that radius. In addition, the platform has articles on lifestyle topics of interest to its members, ranging from travel and gardening to health and wellness.

For more about how the Amintro network is expanding into northeastern Ontario, check out the interview with Nadalin here.

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