Monday, June 17, 2024

Just 10 Minutes a Day of This Activity Could Be Key To Living Longer

While we understand that physical activity contributes to healthy aging, there is also the consideration that chronic conditions and decline in exercise capacity associated with aging can be a deterrent when it comes to older adults taking part in moderate or vigorous physical activity. There is new research, though, that just 10 minutes a day of a certain light activity can be a factor in lowering mortality risk and risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who don’t fit in 10 minutes daily.

The activity? Walking. Conducted by researchers at Inje University in South Korea, the study found that just an hour of walking a week is beneficial for adults aged 85 and older compared to zero physical activity. They were looking to identify a minimum amount of exercise since meeting the recommended activity levels can often be difficult for older adults, reports Medical News Today.

For more about the current recommended physical activity levels, and the longevity and health benefits of walking and the details of this new study, the full Medical News today article can be found here.

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