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3 Ways to Cultivate a Happier Retirement

While having enough money for one’s retirement is a significant factor in enjoying a happy retirement, research has found that there are several factors that play a role.

Consider factors such as good health and having strong connections. While these play a role, when you consider health in particular, as we age, some suffer from a health condition or disease, and eventually, we all grow old and frail. And yet, despite failing health, many people in retirement continue to enjoy a happy retirement, even in the face of health challenges and difficulties. New research reveals that it comes down to our psychological attitudes being key in how well we cope with change.

As reported in the Alberta Prime Times, one of the first steps to cultivating a happy retirement involves developing an optimistic mindset. Cultivating a positive, optimistic attitude is beneficial in that it moves people into being more resilient and also inspires one to think with a creative outlook, compared to a pessimistic attitude, which tends to lead to less productive actions and a decreased ability to cope with difficulties.

Next, as You Are UNLTD has reported on earlier, having a positive outlook towards aging can actually help with your longevity. For more on how a positive view of aging can help extend your life, and for the third factor to cultivate in order to create a happy retirement, read the full Alberta Prime Times article here.

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