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What Will It Mean To Age As Life Expectancies Become Longer?

Globally, life expectancy is more than 70 years. This is double what it was in 1900. If we continue on this trend of longer life expectancies, what does this mean for the human race and for aging? considered this global trend–firstly, work and retirement would look different. If we are living longer, we could work later in life, too. Not only that, you could fit in more careers if we are all soon living substantially longer. Will people want to work more years and will this impact retirement age? notes that people working more years makes staffing easier on employers as well, given that they will have people who choose to work past the usual retirement age and have fewer positions to fill on a regular basis.

In addition, with longer lifespans, besides the opportunity to try several different careers, it also creates the opportunity for greater education and lifelong learning. Even without career changes, as society evolves over time, this will require gaining new skills. Consider the changes in workplace technology even within the workplace in the past few decades.

For more ways how our approach to life and work will changes as life expectancies continue to grow, check out the full article here.

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