Friday, June 14, 2024

The World’s First Artificial-Intelligence Fall Detection and Assistance System

Fall detection devices are not new. But they’ve all required wearing a device or a pull alarm. The computer vision company Kami Care has developed Fall Detection by KamiCare, which is world’s first AI fall detection and assistance system available at home, no wearable or pull alarm required.

Fall Detection by KamiCare follows their successful launch of KamiCare, an artificial intelligence (AI) fall management solution for senior living communities. Fall Detection helps detect and prevent older adults’ fall risk by using affordable vision AI, two-way audio, private verification of incidents and more.

Considering that falls are the number one risk for adults aged 65 and older, the use and benefits of this type of agetech are significant. How does it work? Through vision AI technology and a team of experts, falls are identified and confirmed within 90 seconds with a high accuracy rate of 99 percent. How effective is it at preventing falls? Kami Vision states that Fall Detection by KamiCare reduces fall risk by 60 percent. It also prevents costly hospitalizations by as much as 80 percent. On top of this, it enables caregivers to respond quickly and also hep prevent future falls.

For more about this innovation’s features, including details about its subscriptions and how it will help caregivers, check out Business Wire for more information.

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