Monday, June 17, 2024

Wellness Spending Associated With Greater Longevity

With trillions of dollars spent globally on wellness, is this market one that actually delivers in the form of better health and greater longevity? New research reveals that all of the money we are pouring into wellness is, in fact, improving our well-being.

The research, conducted by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reveals that for every roughly $800 annual increase in wellness expenditures per person, happiness levels increase 7% and life expectancy increases 1.26 years, reports Yahoo Finance. The GWI report, “Defining Wellness Policy,” and its findings support the case for developing a wellness policy. The findings help define a wellness policy, which would identify and fill the gaps in the current healthcare system and the private wellness industry, and stresses how essential it is for all policymakers to build in wellness.

For more about how the researchers analyzed wellness economy spending alongside data on happiness and life expectancy, and the Wellness Policy Toolkits that will be launched in 2023, check out the Yahoo Finance article here.

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