Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New Research Planned For Examining How Technology Is Introduced Into The Home To Support Aging in Place

AGE-WELL, Best Buy Health and the Bruyère Research Institute are partnering to look into how technology is introduced into the home to support aging in place.

This new partnership will involve researchers from Bruyère and Carleton University working with occupational therapists to gain a better understanding how consumer tech can be used to improve quality of life for older adults aging at home. This includes products such as the Healthy Homes bundles from Best Buy. As the research is delving into how technology is adopted and used within a home setting, occupational therapists play a key role in the research given that they are often providing recommendations to the older adults they work with on how they can better complete daily household tasks. Dr. Krista Whitney, co-investigator and physician at Bruyère, notes that occupational therapists have firsthand insights into the homes and could contribute in educating older adults and their caregivers on smart-home tools that assist in aging in place.

For more about how the partnered teams will gather data and examine the findings for insights, and the solutions they hope to develop as a result of the research, read more about the news from AGE-WELL.

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