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The Six Areas You Need to Address In Order to Age Well

We all want to age well. According to the Georgetown AgingWell Hub’s recent report, No Normal: The evolving retirement journey and experience, there are six areas you need to focus on if you’d like to live a long and healthy life and enjoy a great retirement, reports

To start, one area is, as you might expect, health. Being in good health plays a role in your ability to work, keep active and generally impacts your overall life enjoyment. To reap the rewards of good health, following a healthy balanced diet, getting enough exercise, practicing good sleep hygiene, tending to your mental health and taking a proactive role in your own health care is key. (Working with a health coach may help keep you on track.)

Next, consider your finances. You’ll want to be prepared and have enough money for your retirement to cover your living expenses. Having enough financial resources for your retirement may impact when you are able to retire (or perhaps you may consider coming out of retirement for either personal and financial reasons). A financial advisor can help you plan for your retirement and will be able to help you factor in expenses you may not have considered, such as the costs associated with upgrading your home for aging in place and medical bills. (More here on how to make aging more affordable.)

Thirdly, consider your continuing education. Aging and retirement doesn’t mean you’re no longer learning, after all. Consider the courses and programs you’d like to take to keep your mind sharp and so that you’re more marketable if you’re on the hunt for a job. (And in fact, there are growing numbers of people going back to school during retirement.)

For the remaining three factors you need to consider if you’d like to age well and live a long and happy retirement, check out the full article here.

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