Wednesday, July 24, 2024

More Older Adults Are Going Back to School During Retirement

Lots of kids have gone back to school this week, but there’s a growing number of older adults who are also going back to school now in their retirement years. Factors including that we are living longer and in more cases, we are retiring earlier are fueling this trend, on top of that fact that there are many people who would prefer to return to school rather than spend time on more common retirement hobbies, such as gardening, says a recent article in the Globe & Mail.

And if you needed more incentive to go back to school, research findings are mounting that novel learning is one of the key ways we can help maintain a healthy brain as we get older.

Consider, too, the interaction you can enjoy with younger generations when you return to school. This is one of the reasons York University offers seniors a waiver for tuition fees—as a way to attract older adults into taking undergraduate and graduate programs. The vice-provost students for York is quoted in the article as saying that having older adults in the classroom brings different perspectives to the classroom, and it encourages people with different levels of experience to interact, often making class discussions more lively.

For more on the growth of this trend of going back go school during retirement, you can access the Globe & Mail article here.

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