Saturday, May 18, 2024

AI-Powered Smart Lamp Helps Prevent Falls

A rapidly aging population globally is driving the need for more age-tech devices to assist older adults to age safely. An exciting development from Nobi is expected to roll out this year. The provider of innovative age-tech solutions has developed an AI-powered smart lamp that detects and helps prevent falls.

The implication of their new smart lamp? It’ll help prevent injuries and as a result alleviate healthcare costs associated with falls. The company, which is established in the Belgian market, has already made the smart lamp available to assisted living communities and nursing homes in the United States and other countries.

One of the features of the Nobi smart lamp? It can monitor signs of distress, such as irregular breathing and coughing. The lamp also helps to prevent falls by giving off a soft light when you sit up in bed at night. The light then brightens to light the entire room should you get up to go to the bathroom. With better lighting, it’ll help you avoid tripping or crashing into any hazards in your room, such as footstools or your slippers, for example. Plus, over time, the lamp’s AI technology will learn and be able to predict certain types of falls before they happen.

To learn more about the risk of falls among older adults and the Belgian age-tech company, read more here.

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