Monday, June 17, 2024

Innovative New Wearable Can Track Subtle Activity Changes And Provide Personalized Voice Reminders

Digital health company CarePredict is slated to introduce CareVoice to its line of wearables for older adults called Tempo. The new feature allows families and caregivers to record and schedule reminders (recurring or one time) to take medication or about upcoming appointments. Voice messages can also be personal notes for a special occasion. The CareVoice feature is intended to both support older adults living independently for longer and provide peace of mind to loved ones. The reminders help people with their day-to-day activities and families need not worry about their loved one missing the message as it plays automatically from the Tempo device on their wrist, as reported on Longevity.Technology.

From the family’s side of things, they can record and schedule messages via the CarePredict TouchPoint app, a particularly helpful feature if you live far away from your loved one. The CareVoice feature is intended to particularly benefit those who suffer from early dementia or memory loss.

In addition to the new CareVoice feature, the Tempo wearable is also able to detect subtle changes in the wearer’s daily activity and behaviour patterns, changes that precede a change in health. Picking up on these early signs can allow you to be proactive early on to prevent the condition from developing and alerts caregivers that addressing this potential condition is required.

For more about the features and benefits of this innovative wearable, learn more at Longevity.Technology here.

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