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Three AgeTech Trends To Watch For In 2023

The adoption of age-tech among older adults and in post-acute care spaces is increasing significantly. It’s being driven by staff shortages, along with demand from older adults and the growing number of digital innovations for the care industry, according to

The three biggest trends recommends keeping in mind when investing in age-tech when it comes to patient engagement and outcomes and caregiver wellness? First off, the use of voice and video in age-tech to boost engagement. With more companies developing digital devices for the aging market, there are many innovations launching that tap into voice- and video-based technologies so that older adults can successfully age in place by providing easy access to information and connections to others. From a care organization’s perspective, such devices can be beneficial thanks to customization, furthering a boost in engagement among residents.

Consider devices such as the Amazon Echo Show, Meta Portal and Apple’s FaceTime and how they’re already contributing to making it easier for older adults to contact and interact with family and friends. These devices also help facilitate accessing information online, including event calendars, along with being a device used to control smart-home technology. From thermostats to smart plugs, these devices provide control of their home space and live independently for longer.

For more about the other two big trends (robotics role in the wake of staff shortages and the growth in the adoption of age-tech by older adults), check out the article here.

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