Saturday, May 18, 2024

Is Telehealth A Good Option For Older Adults?

Telehealth has grown more and more common, especially through the pandemic, however, many health professionals are reluctant to use it when it comes to patients who are older adults. In fact, a new survey of 7,000 healthcare providers reveals that more than 60 percent of clinicians believe using telehealth is dangerous for older adults.

Why dangerous? Because of the complex medical needs of this older demographic. Further, the survey, which was conducted by the West Health Institute in San Diego, found that 63 percent felt that telehealth was unrealistic for many older adults due to physical or cognitive challenges, reports

That said, the findings reveal that 65 percent of clinicians reported that their telehealth program encompasses at least one age-friendly practice.

For more revealing statistics from the survey, along with what the survey researchers have extrapolated about the use of telehealth from these findings, check out the article here (with full survey results in the journal Telemedicine and E-Health).

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