Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Why We Suddenly Become Frail In Our 70s

It’s common for adults in their 70s to quickly become frail, and new research may have found why this happens.

Researchers in Cambridge have found a process that triggers a massive change in our blood at older ages. This change in our blood increases the risk of blood cancers and anemia, and it also impacts how effective white blood cells are at fighting infection. The researchers believe that this massive change also occurs in many of the body’s organs (everything from the skin to the brain), and this change could be behind why adults usually age well for years, but then experience deteriorating health once they hit their 70s and 80s.

This theory could lead to developing therapies that address the decline in our health and the diseases associated with growing old. reports theguardian.com. It’s especially exciting, according to one of the researchers, because if there are indeed similarities in the the changes in our blood and the changes the body experiences in ones 70s, research could begin on methods on slowing this change from happening or even intervening from it developing.

For more about this blood cell research, their findings, and how their findings will help inspire healthy aging, read more at theguardian.com.

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