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Eat These Five Healthy-Aging Foods

Are you getting all of the nutrients you need for good health? Turns out most older adults are not, according to the Research Institute for Aging. But before you turn to supplements as a simple way to get more nutrients, remember that the best way to give your body what it needs is through whole foods. These are foods that are packed with nutrients or protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, notes, and it’s important to recognize that as you age, your body’s needs for nutrients change as well.

A simple way to boost the nutrients in what you consume is to incorporate a few of the foods recommended by the Research Institute for Aging. Eat them on their own or include them in recipes–whatever works best for how you plan your meals and snacks.

First off, add dark chocolate to your grocery list. Look for ones that are at least 70%. Surprised to find a treat like dark chocolate as a recommended food? Dark chocolate is actually loaded with magnesium and iron. The former is key for your muscles, heart and immune system, whereas the latter plays an important role when it comes to your energy. Iron also carries oxygen in the body.

One you may not be including right now in your diet: wheat germ. It’s a great source of fibre, vitamin E and omega-3s, an essential fatty acid for good bone, muscle and heart health. Research shows that it can help prevent heart disease and stroke and may even be linked to protecting against cancer. How to eat it? Top yogurt, granola and oatmeal with it, or add it to meatballs, smoothies or to your baking.

That’s a great start, but what are other foods you can easily incorporate more of into your diet for more nutrients as recommended by the Research Institute for Aging? Learn more on

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