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Can Aging In Place Be Stylish? This Major Home Furnishing Retailer Thinks So

When you think about aging in place, pieces that are high design when it comes to decor don’t typically come to mind. Pieces, such as grab bars, are often more functional, and come up short when it comes to style. But one major retailer is flipping the script.

Pottery Barn has just launched The Accessible Home. This collection is designed especially for people living with injuries, disabilities and for those who are aging in place. That comfortable, traditional styling you know and love the Williams Sonoma-owned brand for? That aesthetic is one you’ll find in this new collection, reports

Pottery Barn president Marta Benson shared that it’s tied to their commitment to enhancing the quality of lives at home, adding that it’s the brand’s mission to incorporate accessibility into everything Pottery Barn does. Their goal is to provide beautiful, thoughtful design that makes a home a more comfortable place for everyone.

The Accessible Home collection includes upholstery, office, dining, bedroom, bath and lighting products with the designs based on bestselling styles from the brand’s existing lines. To develop this collection, their designers consulted with industry experts in order to update the bestselling styles with added accessibility features.

To learn more about aging-in-place pieces you can expect to find in the collection, check out the post here.

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