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How Senior Management Can Reduce Ageism In The Workplace

There are many ways inclusive leaders can work on eliminating ageism in the workplace. In an article for, contributor Chuck H. Shelton says that if you don’t have an understanding of how age functions in your workplace, then you run the risk of losing out on several things including the wisdom and experience older employees bring to the table and the fresh outlook of younger staff. And don’t forget about your customers; he notes that you could be losing revenue if you’re overlooking considering age when it comes to customer service.

The thing about ageism at work is that it may impact your decisions and the overall corporate culture without you even realizing it. Some common examples outlined in the article include assuming younger employees are automatically tech-savvy, and, conversely, that older workers are not and will be unwilling and unable to learn new technology.

One strategy that could help diminish ageism in the workplace is cross-generational teams – however, this is only beneficial if each team member recognizes and can appreciate what each generation brings to the table. Also, the article highlights research that has shown that cross-generational teams are high performing when well managed.

For more on building a healthy workplace culture with regards to age inclusivity and more about the type of inclusivity training to incorporate into your workplace, read the full article here.

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