Friday, June 14, 2024

This City Is Poised For An Age-Tech Boom

The longevity economy is poised to impact how the world thinks and plans for the future. Consider that 56 percent of total American spending is coming from people aged 50+. This article from the Boston Globe says that Boston is poised to be an epicentre for innovation when it comes to the longevity economy, though there are gaps to be filled with it comes to banking in on the city’s age-tech boom.

One factor making Boston a potential hotbed when it comes to the explosion of the longevity economy? The city features forward-thinking health care hubs that work proactively with startups and industry partners in planning for the future, says the article author, Kyle Rand, cofounder and CEO of the startup Rendever.

He notes that just five years ago there was meager interest from investors in opportunities related to the longevity economy. And now, while now at the beginning of an age-tech boom in Boston, he notes that there are critical gaps to be filled in order for it to truly flourish in this city. A startup incubator is necessary, for one, he says. For more on the factors enabling a city to truly contribute to the growth of the age-tech industry, read the Boston Globe article here.

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