Tuesday, July 16, 2024

More Aging in Place Villages Are Developing in These U.S. Communities

In the U.S., there is a growing number of “villages” popping up as a way for older adults to age in their own communities. This movement is said to have started in Boston 20 years ago. According to the Washington Post, close to 300 villages have developed across the United States, which have activities, transportation, tech support and other services that facilitate aging in place to the village members. Members pay a monthly fee to be a member of the village, which are operated by grass-roots, non-profit organizations.

A University of California at Berkeley study from 2016 found that village members are primarily White. However, there are starting to be more villages with members who are predominantly people of colour. The article highlights Kingdom Care in Washington, D.C., whose membership is predominantly Black; Golden Age Village in Baltimore, where members are predominantly people of the Islamic faith; and Hotel Oakland Village in California, where members are predominantly Asian.

For firsthand insight in how members feel living in a village is beneficial, and how organizations are working towards broadening village memberships, check out the full Washington Post article here.

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