Monday, June 17, 2024

Canadian Research Chair Receives $600,000 in Federal Grant Funding to Study Rural Dementia

A researcher at Thompson Rivers University has been awarded a Canadian Research Chair in Nursing and Population Health, including $600,000 in federal grant funding for her research into adults living with dementia in rural areas and developing ways to improve their health equity and quality of life.

The researcher, Dr. Juanita-Dawne Bacsu, is intent on both improving access to health care and also making it possible for older adults in small, rural communities to age in place. She aims to address the disparities older adults in rural communities experience when compared to those living in urban areas, for example, issues that arise from limited public transportation, housing and support services, reports

Bascu has three main goals for the next five years. The first is to aid in the independence of adults living with Alzheimer’s in rural areas. Namely, she says that she hopes to enhance the navigation of the health care and support services for those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers through developing a “Community Collaborative Intervention,” which still must take shape.

For Bascu’s other main goals and more about her research plans, read the whole article here.

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