Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Loneliness Is On the Rise Among Older Canadians

There is a growing number of older Canadians who are struggling with loneliness, according to Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO of CanAge, a senior advocacy organization.

Last year, CanAge conducted a study that revealed that 1 in 5 older people in Canada don’t have anyone to reach out to, even in an emergency.

In a report from, Watts says recently she has noticed a lot more loneliness among senior Canadians. She says that as we are living longer, there are more people who have no connections nearby. Consider people who never got married, never had kids, or who immigrated to Canada without any family. This can become a barrier for aging Canadians when it comes to getting services as not everyone has someone to help them.

For more about what actions this advocacy group would like to take, along with three ways you can take to help alleviate loneliness as you age, check the full article here.

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