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It’s Time to Mind Your Meds: Introducing the New Empowered Caregiver Video Series

Taking medication as prescribed plays a critical role in maintaining good health. It’s a simple act, but there are complex reasons why it doesn’t happen among an estimated 50 per cent of the population. The stakes are high, especially for those over the age of 65 with chronic conditions, like heart disease and hypertension, and caregivers. 

Sponsored by Jones Healthcare Group, a newly launched series of short educational videos will be an invaluable resource for those who want to learn more about medication adherence and the role it plays in good health. The videos feature experts across Canada, from pharmacists to doctors, who share their views on why taking prescriptions as directed is such a pressing issue, how it impacts health and solutions available to manage multiple medications. 

Over the last two years, Jones Healthcare has helped create in-depth content about medication adherence, which is now available through a new themed hub called Mind Your Meds. Adding videos to the mix provides another useful tool to increase awareness and understanding.

In the series, adherence packaging is highlighted as a convenient, affordable solution for managing prescriptions, readily available through pharmacies from coast to coast. In consultation with a pharmacist, blister packs, which neatly organize pills, into the days and times they need to be taken, can be prepared for patients and their caregivers. 

Blister packs make managing multiple prescriptions more efficient, eliminating the need to juggle and sort through numerous pill bottles. They are just one example of how technology has advanced over the last decade, designed to assist with medication adherence. 

The latest developments also include connected packaging, which can send messages to caregivers to let them know when the person in their care has taken their medication. It’s a crucial step forward in addressing a health crisis, which has worsened because prescription medicine is often not taken according to a physician’s directions. Innovation is driving much-needed changes in health care. 

Learn more from the experts in the Empowered Caregiver video series. They have a great deal of knowledge to share as leading practitioners in their fields who have witnessed firsthand the positive impact that taking prescriptions correctly can have on patient health. With their insights, you’ll find out how to make managing prescriptions easier.

The videos cover some of the most common challenges faced by caregivers and patients when it comes to medication. The series includes topics such as taking the right medications at the right time, enlisting the help of pharmacists and how to use blister packs to help stay on track with your prescriptions.

You’ll find each video is inspiring and educational, thanks to the engaging pharmacists and physicians featured. At under five minutes each, the videos provide information in a digestible, easy-to-understand format. Viewers can gain essential knowledge about managing their health or that of their loved ones in a short timeframe. 

Do invest a few minutes of your time to watch this exciting new video series. Explore how taking prescriptions correctly is a behaviour that can make a profound difference in your health and that of anyone you care for. 

Watch the first video now, where we hear from Stephanie Yeboah from Nanogram Pharmacy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan about how your pharmacist is healthcare’s secret weapon, and the importance of blister packs for medication management and adherence. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss future episodes!

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