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Top Picks Of Aging-In-Place Technology for 2023

We’re all growing older every day. The aging experience won’t be the same for each of us, though (a recent study revealed that the aging experience for Canadian immigrants differs from people born in Canada). Factors that contribute to our aging experience? Physical and mental health conditions that impact how we function daily, for one, along with personal income, iiving situation and our social lives, also play a role.

Access to smart technologies also contributes to how well you can age in place. The development of age-tech devices can be critical support tools when it comes to your physical health and mental well-being. Some of the more accessible tools on the market that assist with aging in place include smartwatches (which can detect falls and monitor your heart rate, for example), medical alert systems (which, in case of an emergency, will notify your designated contact or emergency services) and medical reminders (a device that gives you a reminder to take your medication as prescribed).

With new products and advances hitting the market, it may be overwhelming choosing what device(s) will suit you best. took into consideration the ease of use while also considering products to suit a range of budgets. Check out their round-up of the top age-tech devices to consider for 2023 here.

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