Monday, June 17, 2024

This App Is Helping Older Adults Age In Place In New York

In the state of New York, thanks to agetech company Blooming Health, older adults have improved access to information and community-based aging services, facilitating aging in place.

It’s thanks to New York State Office for the Aging and AgingNY partnering Blooming Health that’s brought about greater access to aging in place services. The app makes it possible for social workers and service providers in these offices dedicated to helping the state’s aging adults to reach this demographic and their caregivers via text message, phone calls and emails in more than 25 languages, reports

The information relayed and services accessed can range from arranging a trip to Walmart to getting information on food pantries, and also help with finding health and wellness activities in the neighbourhood. Perhaps the older adult wants to find a pickleball court or a free yoga class, for example. The providers in the area can provide targeted information, thereby easing aging in place. Even better, a smartphone or access to broadband internet is not required, but rather a phone call, text or email via their usual method of communication tailored to their needs.

For more about the program, what information the offices for the aging can glean from it to better serve his demographic and the proven benefits of the Blooming Health app, read the full article here.

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