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How Technology Can Improve Our Lives As We Age

We’re living longer. And tech tools and services are helping and empowering us to live healthy, independent, social lives as we age. And the age-tech market is estimated to grow to $13.5 billion by 2022. World Economic Forum checked in with members of its Technology Pioneers and Global Innovators communities to learn how technology can improve our lives as we get older.

Improved caregiving. Tech can both improve caregiver effectiveness and cut the costs of care. In what way? In this article from World Economic Forum, Tania Coke, chief executive officer of Tellus You Care, points to remote patient monitoring as one example that both helps with the increasing cost of caregiving along with dealing with the shortage of carers. Not that remote patient monitoring can or should replace caregivers but rather that they can help make caregiver work more effectively when it comes to harder responsibilities, such as working night shifts.

Facilitates aging in place. Technology can help adults live independently for longer. As an example, a home wellness kit from the company HiNounou collects five different types of data, which help detect early symptoms of chronic diseases. With the data and using AI algorithms, the findings provide information that helps assess the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer, information that is beneficial to doctors.

Creates a simple, useful interface. Again, another way technology can help with aging in place, simple technological interfaces can assist in adults living independently, as noted by Cyriac Roeding, CEO of the company Earli. Consider the task of remembering to take one’s medications regularly. The TV can remind you when it’s time to take your pills. Or with an app, to do a grocery shop, you can also easily just say your list aloud and have it delivered.

For more ways experts in the industry believe technology improves how we age, check the piece from World Economic Forum here.

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