Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Volunteer Group Helps Teach Older Adults How to Use Tech Devices

Technology has become increasingly important for older adults. And for those who need some lessons in using tech devices, organizations such as Connected Canadians can help.

For example, check out the story of Margaret Anne Lacasse in this Global News article. The 81-year-old says the tech she’s familiar with are typewriters and adding machines. The Gatineau, Que., resident says she’s never ever used any technology. But thanks to Connected Canadians, she was able to change that.

The non-profit group based in Ottawa, Ont., matches older adults with volunteers who teach them tech essentials, like how to set up their smartphones and how to use their iPads.

Launched before the pandemic, Connected Canadians was founded by Emily Jones Joanisse and Tas Damen when they noticed that tech support for seniors was much needed. Their goal is to provide tech support to all older adults across the country and they have a mission to do this by 2030.

For more on how Connected Canadians are helping people across Canada, and the major partnership the non-profit landed with Amazon Canada, check out the Global News article here.

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