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YouAreUNLTD Headlines Canada’s Role in the Longevity Economy at AgeTech Innovation Week

YouAreUNLTD is proud to be a part of two sessions at the upcoming AgeTech Innovation Week, taking place online from October 4-8, 2021. AgeTech Innovation Week is hosted by AGE-WELL, a partner of YouAreUNLTD since 2017.

On October 5th at 2pm, YouAreUNLTD is hosting Oh Canada! AgeTech, the Longevity Economy and Our Place on the Global Stage. As a key thought-leader in the longevity economy, YouAreUNLTD will guide this important discussion with global experts on the role Canada could play in the emerging Longevity Economy, and how we can leverage our successes in AgeTech to drive economic growth across a vast global ecosystem. We’ll discuss how other countries have united to tackle some of the most important economic and social issues of our time, and how Canada is positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning aging economy, given our unique culture and collaborative mindset.

We’re pleased to welcome on the panel Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director & CEO, AGE-WELL, Tina Woods, CEO, Collider Health, Kate Batz, Managing Partner, Longevity Capital and Franco Cortese, Director, Ageing Analytics Agency. The session will be moderated by YouAreUNLTD’s Anne Marie Wright.

We’re also excited to be on the Combating Ageism panel on October 6th at 1pm. In this, we’ll dive into a discussion on combating ageism and myths about older adults and technology, as ageist beliefs have real consequences for the current and future generations of older adults. Our panelists will discuss ageism through their unique perspectives and deliberate on how to change the conversation and stamp out stubborn myths. YouAreUNLTD’s Anne Marie Wright is on this panel alongside Jane Barratt, Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing, Olive Senior, Writer, and Gregor Sneddon, Executive Director, HelpAge Canada. The panel is moderated by Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO, CanAge.

Join us for these important conversions on Canada’s future in aging. Your voice is needed. You can register for AgeTech Innovation Week (for free) here.

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