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Technology Has Proven to Be An Especially Crucial Support For Older Adults and Their Caregivers Through the Pandemic

How does a self-proclaimed “technological tortoise” become someone who uses her computer or smartphone to do everything now? The pandemic was a big factor in it for Judy Tinning, 75. She now uses tech for everything from online courses to grocery shopping, not to mention keeping in touch with friends and family.

They’ve become important tools in her and her husband’s health program as well. Her husband, Phyl, 79, has Parkinson’s, and the two take part in a daily dance therapy class online. Tinning now looks at technology as something that may help her and Phyl live independently for longer.

They’re just one couple making use of AgeTech, that is tech-based solutions that benefit older adults and caregivers. This sector is growing quickly, thanks in part to the size of the aging population but also thanks to how the pandemic has impacted our lifestyles.

“COVID has illuminated how technology can help to connect people, reduce isolation and facilitate virtual care,” says Dr. Alex Mihailidis, scientific director and CEO of AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network, as quoted in this article from the Globe & Mail.

AGE-WELL has been key in helping move forward technological innovation that empowers older adults to live healthy and independently. The network is composed of more than 250 researchers from 45 Canadian universities and research institutes, 760 trainees and over 400 industry, government and community partners. Plus, AGE-WELL supports over 50 Canadian startups.

For more about AGE-WELL’s work, statistics on older adults’ attitudes toward technology, along with some of the technology that can provide support in long-term care settings, read more here in the Globe & Mail.


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