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Planning a Multigenerational Vacation That is Fun for Everyone

Is it possible to plan a vacation that is fun for the grandparents, parents and kids? All too often it can become the same routine with the little ones but just in a different locale. But with careful planning, you can organize a trip that makes everyone in the family happy, says this article from the New York Times. And it’s something many families are currently planning, what with restrictions and travel opening up again.

There are particular considerations right now, even more so than during other times. Parents, for example, may have been home schooling for a year or longer now and are desperate for a break. Grandparents may not have seen their kids or grandkids in many months, but at the same time would enjoy time relaxing and exploring the destination and not becoming the babysitter every day of the vacation.

Experts in family dynamics, along with parents and grandparents, share their advice in the article. To start, everyone should be clear with each other on what their goals are for this vacation, so there are no assumptions nor any misunderstandings. Also, there are always chores even when on a getaway, so establish who will handle what; consider the packing, cooking, dishes, childcare, shopping, driving, and anything else that you know your family will have to get done while on this trip.

And don’t make any assumptions on who’s footing the bill for what. Even if as grandparents, you’ve tended to foot the bill in the past, ease the potentially awkward or contentious situation or resentful feelings by being upfront on who is covering what in terms of expenses.

For more expert advice as you plan your getaway this year, you can find more tips in the article here. It’s worth the planning and discussions if it means enjoying a fun and rewarding vacation for every member of the family.

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