Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Why More and More Seniors Are Choosing to Enjoy Retirement in an RV

Retiring in a cozy home, not far from where your grown kids and grandchildren live, while traveling part of the year to the places you’ve always wanted to visit, is perhaps what many older adults envisioned for their retirement, but a growing number of Canadians are switching things up and selling off their brick-and-mortar homes in favour of an RV.

They’re joining a sizable group: there are at least 50,000 full-time Canadian RVers who normally spend winters in the U.S., according to the Canadian Camping and RV Council. If you’ve been toying with the idea of joining their ranks, there are many considerations before taking the plunge and making the open road your home. For one, think about all of the types of insurance your new lifestyle will call for. Roland Van Meurs, manager of member and travel services for the Alberta Motor Association, shares his advice in this article from the Globe & Mail.

There are, of course, travel advisories to consider as well. Despite the changes to your lifestyle and the specific issues that come with RV life, the retirees who share their full-time RV experiences in the article paint a pretty great picture. Do you dream of living on the open road?

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