Monday, April 15, 2024

Feel It In Your Bones is an innovative campaign from Amgen Canada and YouAreUNLTD to raise awareness of good bone health. We’re proud to share Feel It in Your Bones magazine in time for Osteoporosis Month in Canada. It’s an ideal time to put bone health front and centre, and to talk about this “silent disease.” In truth, bone health should be a priority all year round, especially for Canadians – most of whom are deficient in vitamin D, an important mineral for maintaining strong bones. Read our exclusive, special edition on bone health now, and see below for our full content series on bone health by YouAreUNLTD.

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Feel It In Your Bones Magazine

Feel It In Your Bones: YouAreUNLTD Content Series

Reality Check: Not Just Women Are Affected By Osteoporosis. We’re All At Risk.

Osteoporosis? Not me. Some people believe that they are not at risk for this disease behind a loss of bone density, both in quality...

Do Something For Your Bone Health Today: Mind The Care Gap And Don’t Wait For Fractures To Happen

Let’s get loud about osteoporosis. For too long, it has flown under the radar as a “silent disease.” There are few tell-tale symptoms (like...