Thursday, May 23, 2024

Watch Now: YouAreUNLTD’s Osteoporosis Patient Panel

What’s it really like to live with osteoporosis? YouAreUNLTD put together a panel with two Canadians – one man and one woman – who have been diagnosed with the bone-weakening disease. Their journeys are compelling – ones that deserved to be shared with anyone who is interested in bone health, managing osteoporosis and preventing it. 

This video is essential viewing, if you have questions about the disease. Each of the patients has unique stories to tell. One has been living with the disease for more than three decades and the other was diagnosed very recently. 

They have some things in common – both have made some lifestyle changes to address issues like reducing the risk of falls, diet modifications to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D and calcium, and embracing exercise as an important tool to strengthen bones and to improve balance. There are myths, too, that our patient panel tackles head-on, like men aren’t affected by osteoporosis.  

Their goal in sharing their healthcare journeys is a desire to increase awareness and to encourage others to advocate for their health, whether it’s speaking to your physician about whether it’s time for a bone density scan to understanding what treatments are available to treat the disease. 

The subject of COVID comes up, as it continues to impact Canadians and osteoporosis management, too. With limited access to gyms and exercise classes, these patients have renewed their commitment to getting regular exercise in new ways. 

Get the straight goods about osteoporosis by watching our video, featuring real patients who are successfully managing the disease and drawing on the expertise of their healthcare teams. Hear them share their stories about how they’ve been able to live well and age well as Canadians living with osteoporosis.  

You can watch the video now above, or on our YouTube channel (and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great video content to come!)

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