Monday, June 24, 2024


Jasmine Williams


Safer Sun: Canadian Company Develops A Wearable Device To Help Prevent Skin Damage

While it’s a good idea to wear sun protection all year round, it’s especially important during the hot summer months when days are longer...

Meditation And Mindfulness Helps Improve Mental And Physical Health

For many, the word ‘mindfulness’ conjures up mental images of New Age hippie types sitting cross-legged on multicoloured pillows. However, mindfulness practices are quickly...

A New Powered Wheelchair Helps Boost Independence For Users, Thanks To New Tech

“A lifesaver.” That’s what powered wheelchair user Herman Witlox calls Braze Mobility’s obstacle-detection system, a new-to-market technology that transforms a regular wheelchair into a...

Wheelchair Users Enjoy New Freedom, Thanks to “Smart” Sensors from Braze Mobility

“Cars have sensors. Why can’t wheelchairs?” That was the question that consumed Dr. Pooja Viswanathan for almost a decade – so much so that she...

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