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Fransi Weinstein

A former Montrealer, Fransi enjoyed a long and fabulous career as an ad agency writer and creative director. After deciding she wanted to completely switch gears and turn her love of storytelling into writing articles – as well as wanting more time to blog and work on a book, she gave up her full-time career to go freelance in 2009. Since then, she has written on everything from politics in Huff Post to speaking out in defense of animals for Get Leashed Magazine and age issues.

The Power Of Words To Shape Culture, Instigate Change And Confront Ageism

Labels can be useful. Without them we wouldn’t know what’s in file folders or cans, whether food contains ingredients we’re allergic to, or whether...

A Global Expert Weighs In: Yes, Canada Can Be A Longevity Economy Leader

It’s the same the world over, including Canada. The largest segment of the population and the segment projected to continue growing at a staggering rate...

Can Canada Lead In The Fastest-Growing, Most Complex Economy In The World?

We’re experiencing a revolution in aging, thanks to new innovations, technology and breakthroughs in aging science and medicine that are extending lives and improving the health of older people. But is Canada taking the aging revolution seriously enough to compete in it, let alone lead it?

Finally, Selling Cosmetics Has Morphed From An Anti-Aging to An Ageless Beauty Focus

How long have we felt the pressure to look more youthful and internalized shame about aging? It's difficult to pinpoint when that began, but...

Ever Say You’ve Had ‘A Senior Moment’? Stop. It May Lead To Internalized Ageism

Have you ever said you had a ‘senior moment’ after misplacing your keys? Do you grumble about ‘old age’ when your body’s stiff or...

How Well We Age Has A Lot To Do With Our Attitude, Studies Determine

Aging is part of life. So why don’t we forget about the aging part and concentrate on just life instead? Or better yet, on...

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