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This New Luxury Adult Lifestyle Community Is High-Tech And Focused On Healthy Aging

A high-tech, luxury adult lifestyle community in Houston is taking into consideration that people are living active, vibrant lifestyles for longer while addressing the healthcare needs that emerge as we age. The property, the Watermark at Houston Heights, is the first Élan Collection in Texas and offers both independent and assisted living. The focus here is aging in place, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, providing access to resources that promote longevity and to healthcare providers.

To start, consider its location. It’s in Houston’s Houston Heights, a bustling, trendy area known for great retail, restaurants and culture. The Elan concept, in fact, as reported by, was created by a boomer (one with 35 years of experience in the retirement industry) for boomers.

Even the aesthetics of the technology have been revamped. Rather than traditional alert buttons, the wearables here are discreet; these PalCare alerts are tapped into a community-wide modular emergency call system for real-time location alerts to falls and accurate location tracking.

The programming is also a signature element. They feature a private cable TV station, which provides content to serve a broad range of interests, from yoga and meditation to theatre and scholarly courses. Watermark even offers Oculus technology, so that residents may experience past passions virtually (passions and interests they may no longer be able to partake in).

And the tech-enabled services and aging-in-place design doesn’t stop there. To learn more about the technological features at Watermark (including a unique system for screening and tracking communicable diseases), along with the extensive recreational options in the community living space, read more about the property in the article here.

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