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One Physician’s Equation To Better Health And Longevity

In his new book, The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow, physician Michael Roizen (with Peter Linneman and Albert Ratner) shares some eye-opening numbers:

To start, 40 percent of premature deaths (premature is defined as before the age of 75) are related to lifestyle choices.

By the age of 60, 75 percent of your health outcomes are determined by your choices.

This means that your lifestyle habits and choices play a significant role in your health status and how long you will live. It’s broken down in the book by looking at genes: “Your choices can influence approximately 1,200 of the 1,500 genes that are switched “on,” and likely influence the estimated 21,000 that are switched ‘off.'” reports And when it comes to longevity, Roizen says it comes down to what you do most of the time and his expert advice comes down to some basics:

When it comes to what you eat, cut out saturated fats and added sugars. Focus on eating seven to nine servings of veggies and fruit, and for protein, go for lean options like fish and chicken. Go for whole grains over simple carbs.

Keep active with 10,000 steps a day and add strength training two to three times a week (in 20-minute workouts). Make sleep a priority and get a minimum of seven hours a night. Get out into nature and also make sure to make time for a social life by seeing friends and family.

And, as you might expect, don’t smoke. Quit your habit if you do smoke, and avoid second- and third-hand smoke as best you can.

Look to the good habits you already have and do them more often than the ones you’re a bit weaker on. Roizen has an equation that he uses to measure health success: 6 + 2 or more specifically, “6 Normals + 2.” What is this barometer and how do you measure up to it? Get the details on this formula and more insight on this physician’s tips for good health and longevity in the article here.

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