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Revealing Study Findings About Ageism in The Workplace

In workplaces worldwide, leadership teams and human resources are recognizing the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (also known as DEI). The DEI efforts are aimed at ensuring that employees are made up of people from all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions and abilities. And yet, as forbes.com points out, age is sometimes included, but often it’s not.

As people grow older, biases in the workplace can emerge and it’s a bias that management and HR needs to be aware of. A new study from LiveCareer reveals some significant findings when it comes to ageism and age discrimination in the workplace. The study, Older People & the Workplace, involved surveying 1,000 workers to learn about their opinions about older people in the workplace.

Some of the key findings include what people consider “old”:

  • 43 percent of those surveyed said 40-plus is old.
  • 26 percent said 50-plus is old.
  • 21 percent said 60-plus is old.

To put it into a real-life scenario, this means, as forbes.com noted, that you are 50, with 15 or more years until retirement, 69 percent of the people you work with think you are old.

For more of the dismaying findings that reveals that ageism persists in the workplace, including that statistic that 77 percent of the respondents said that they haven’t been hired for a job because of their age, along with the stance some companies are taking with regards to ageism (including re-evaluating retirement policies), read the full forbes.com article here.

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