Friday, June 14, 2024

Could A Drug To Treat Aging Become A Reality?

Life expectancy has grown over time. reports that in the best-performing countries has been increasing by three months per year every year since the early 1800s. Thanks to medical advances, we’ve learned how to treat diseases and avoid certain causes of death. While they note that this is a significant achievement, it also means that aging has become the leading cause of death. It’s responsible for over two-thirds of deaths globally.

The exciting news highlights is that in 2023, we may see the development of the first drug that targets the biology of aging itself. While scientists have a good understanding of what causes us to age, now we also have ideas on how to treat those causes. Further, by the end of this year, they note that it is very possible that research will show that one of these ideas works in humans.

One idea they say could work in humans? Senolytics. To learn more about this class of treatments that targets aged cells, along with what this could mean for the world of medicine, read the full article here.

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